My Selfish Reasons for Fundraising for Light the Night


I would be a liar if I tried to claim that my desire to help others was completely noble, without personal gain.

I help others because I can not help myself.  I have often tried to lessen the pain of others because I could not rid myself of my own.  Now that my health is holding me hostage, I help others so that I don’t feel completely useless.

I have many good reasons for wanting to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with the Light the Night Fundraiser. They help fund research for blood cancers that inevitably help treat other cancers as well.  I have endured the loss of an aunt to cancer, I have friends currently trying to survive it, and of course I have friends that are survivors.  I have many noble reasons for participating, but I know the one driving me is my inability to help myself.  Fundraising and volunteering my time for things give me purpose.  Something I need very much right now.  I do this to help others, but most of all this is good for my own well being.  It’s quite selfish actually.  I need to feel a part of something, I need to feel like I can still do something that matters.

This probably isn’t this best plug for asking for donations, but it’s an honest one.

I will be walking Saturday October 26 in Sacramento with the Sacramento Area Coalition of Reason under the Foundation Beyond Belief Banner.  A wonderful secular charity that you should look into if you haven’t already.

Help me make a difference.

I have already reached my personal goal, and as the team captain it is my job to help others reach theirs. Please donate to my fellow teammates that have not yet reached a $100.  The team page is here , just click on someone else’s name to see if they have reached a $100 yet.  Every dollar helps.  Help me, help others, to help myself.

Much appreciation and gratitude in advance for everyone’s genorosity.


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